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Provident Fund Employee Online Self Service Portal is an online software to address the employee enquiries on PF balance, Loan eligibility, PF annual statements etc.PROMIS Portal facilitates employees to login to a universally managed central web server and address their enquiries.The portal provides an updated accounts status online on real time basis on a monthly basis as well as printing annual PF statements, account slips from anywhere. PF Employee Portal Software provides email & sms fescility. For registered email and mobile numbers the employee can get their statements through email and SMS. PF Employee Portal offers facility to integrate and connect with your Payroll Applications, ERP, SAP, PF Accounting software. No upfront Investments. Services are also available on subscription basis.

Employee Management

Beneficiary module takes care of beneficiary related information and management. It has facility to enter the details of beneficiary, PF No., address, photo, nominee details and other required information. The facility for addition, deletion, listing, reporting, mailing lists, registers are provided in this module. The data available from existing application packages (salary packages) are imported directly to reduce Labour. The additional data are only need to be entered. The Subscription and liability of each subscriber (employee) is updated in this module. Reports based on subscription, paying branch, nominees etc. can be taken care through this module.

Subscription Accounting

PF Trusts receives information and details related to PF subscription from payroll or Administration software. PROMIS gives the benefit of maintaining those data by directly importing the member data and subscription data from the existing application packages to eliminate mismatch. The system generated data from salary packages on PF subscription, additional subscription etc. are directly imported and maintained in subscription module. The subscription module also has the facility to view the Employee Contribution and Company Contribution separately on opening of subscriber ledger. It also has the facility to apply interest and update ledger according to the Trustís needs. Final settlement payments are also carried out through this module. The Final settlement will be carried out after deducting the dues and applying interest upto the date of final settlement according to the assigned parameters provided by the Trusts.

Trust Accounting

Total Accounting Requirements of the Trust is managed through this module. Accounts related to all Receipts and payments are maintained. It has the facility to create and print receipts and vouchers with provisions for journal entry, modification etc. From the receipts and payment transactions carried out on the system, all ledgers and connected records are updated automatically. Receipts such as interest receipts, maturity receipts, collection from employers, cash refunds, bank interest, Income Tax refunds, recoveries from payments etc. Payments like refundable loaning payments, non-refundable loan payments, final settlement payments, investments, premium on investments, banking charges etc. PROMIS can prepare Subsidiaries, Cash Book, Bank Book, Daybook, General Ledger, Trail Balance, and Monthly statements on Receipts & Disbursements, Balance Sheet etc. The total accounting, reporting and account related Management Information System.

Loan Accounting

Loan module takes care of loan scheme, type and ledger creation. It has the option to create installments and calculate interest on equated, simple or compounding methods and normal methods according to the Trustís decision. The interest calculation facility is parameterized to suit the requirement of individual trusts. It has facility to generate reports on overdue, former or Retired employees. Facility to print notices in regional languages to the loans are offered. From the loan transactions entered it has the facility to print receipts, subsidiaries ledgers, loan ledgers, Demand Collection and Balance Statements etc.

Investments Management

Accounts related to investments are maintained in this module. The system will help the management to deploy the investments effectively. This facility helps the Institution to monitor each Investment, Maturity, Interest due, Interest Receipts etc .This module will also help to monitor Reinvestments, Interest calculation and related accounting. Premium Accounting, Incentives Accounting etc are also taken care through this module. Interest due are maintained by the system to ensure that receivable are monitored perfectly against each interest received on investments. The pattern of Investment on security wise as well as portfolio wise is maintained.

Pension Fund Management

PROMIS has the facility to add Pension Fund accounting for exempted PF Trusts and other organizations making pension payments to Regional Provident Fund offices. The challan preparation and individual Pension Subscription Ledger etc from the Data imported directly from payroll Applications.

Benevolent Fund Management

Benevolent Fund Accounting System is a comprehensive IT Application solution for Benevolent Fund Trusts. The Solution is integrated software taking care of total functioning of Benevolent Fund Trusts. Book keeping, ledger maintenance, preparation of cash book, bank book, receipt & payment accounting, Investment monitoring and management etc.

Gratuity Fund Management

Gratuity Fund Accounting System is a comprehensive IT Application solution for Gratuity Fund Management Institutions. The Solution is integrated software taking care of Total functioning of Gratuity Fund Management Institutions Book keeping, ledger maintenance, preparation of cash book, bank book, receipt & payment accounting, Investment monitoring and management etc.

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